Dec 19, 2014

Isleta Resort & Casino Kickoff Luncheon Press Conference Quotes

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Utah State

Head Coach Matt Wells, Linebacker Zach Vigil, Offensive Lineman Kevin Whimpey

Q: “Can you tell me about UTEP’s run game and and your rush defense?”

Head Coach Matt Wells, A: “Well first of all its Strength on Strength, our run defense has been good all year and what we like to pride ourselves on. But those two running backs are tough, they run with good vision and they are a reflection of their offensive line.

Linebacker Zach Vigil, A: “I think the Running Backs are very talented, and even though they aren’t the biggest guys they break a lot of tackles and they run hard.

Q: “How much of an advantage do you think it is to have so many of your guys play in a bowl game before?”

Head Coach Matt Wells, A: “I remember our first Bowl game and how excited the kids were and I know the kids now are just as excited, I don’t know if playing in four straight Bowl games gives us an advantage I think what it does is it gives our players a little more of what to expect and how to focus.”

Q: “How does UTEP’s defense stack up to other teams that you’ve seen this season?”

Head Coach Matt Wells, A: “Similar to a lot of teams that pressure quite a bit, they are very aggressive. They play very similarly to how we play, but structurally they are very different.”

Offensive Lineman Kevin Whimpey, A: “I like their defense a lot I think they are very quick and they are going to challenge us, I think they are coached well. They have great culture at UTEP and they are here to win the game just like we are.”

Q: “What has been the key to winning at the level you have been after playing with your fourth Quarterback?”

Head Coach Matt Wells, A: “It’s really simple, we’ve played elite defense, our receivers have stepped up, we run the ball better, and our Quarterback hasn’t screwed it up. Sometimes we coach our Quarterback before you win a game you have to be able to not lose a game.”



Head Coach Sean Kugler, Quarterback Jameel Erving, Defensive Back Wesley Miller

Q: “Matt Wells said its strength against strength, their rushing defense against your rushing offense. Can you talk about that?”

Head Coach Sean Kugler, A: “They are very physical up front, very difficult to run the ball against and they play the ball behind the scrimmage. We have to be able to run the ball efficiently, we are going to do what we do, and that’s run the football.”

Quarterback Jameel Erving, A: “We have responded to challenges before and this game is definitely going to be a challenge but I don’t see us going out there and doing anything other than what we do.”

Q: “What does this game mean to you as seniors?”

Jameel Erving, A: “Getting a win in this game will put a stamp on UTEP history, we haven’t won a game since 67. I’ve had a rough journey and after coming here with the season we’ve had, getting that win tomorrow will put a stamp on it.”

Wesley Miller, A: “This will be real special, getting a win here will bring it full circle for my career. I was here in 2010 when I redshirted and the attitude was totally different, we got complacent and ended up getting beaten pretty bad. So getting a win tomorrow will like I said ring my career full circle with a guaranteed winning season and hopefully a bowl victory.”

Q: “You have two players who have played in a bowl game while Utah State has dozens, how much of a disadvantage do you think that is?”

Head Coach Sean Kugler A: “It is if you let it, I know they have been to four straight so their players know what to expect. That is going to be our goal, there is no substitute for experience and they have that, but I know our players are excited and energized to be up here.”

Q: “Is the Bowl week what you thought it was going to be, harder with more distractions, or was it not as bad as what you envisioned coming into your first Bowl game?”

Head Coach Sean Kugler, A:“Coach Wells eluded to it earlier and it’s about blocking out distractions and I think our team has been very good at that all year. We came up here to get our work done but at night I wanted them to enjoy the festivities. This is something they are going to remember for the rest of their lives but I want them to remember that we are up here for one reason, and that is to win this game.”


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